The Motivation Rules of 2018


School, home, university, relationships, professional world, in short everything on earth needs motivation.

Why Motivation?

We have fled within us a potential of every human being on earth that each of us possesses and this potential can come to life only if we had an inner motivation.

I define motivation as a factor that allows to wake up sleep in us and to sleep that is potential. We sometimes limit ourselves to doing something that does not work or demotivating us, math lesson notes or another case that did not work or another problem that did not work out. And often we leave the case and we are more interested in his things. Or to find a solution to this problem. As we said above, motivation is a factor that awakens the potential in us.

The basis of the lack of fulfillment of potential in us is the discouragement. Which I define as following “the discouragement is the factor of the sleep of the potential which lodges in us. Always come after a negation, bad grades or something else. You have to get inside yourself by listening to this inner way that tells you “you can do it, you can do it, we’ll come”, I even like to say that motivation equals the potential in you. Never give up tell you every step of the way you get strong, every time you say “I can do it”, tell me again that you have kerosene to reach the Bahamas. Never let go and never let a mortal, a human being who is discouraging you, stay positive in everything and for everything.
Find in you this motivation from within you, this force that is in you that is more powerful than a nuclear bomb because the nuclear bomb was created by a human and the same human who created it has awakened the potential who was in him. In fact, you are more than a nuclear bomb. All that exists is motivation, there is one thing that the man must know about himself. You are superior to everything that exists. The difficult problems existing in the world are problems that exist in order to wake up each time the superhuman in you, to awaken this force another time which is your dormant potential for you.

After a failure in the whole field in the whole field of life, never regret the failure, do not ask yourself “why I failed” Do not ask yourself a thousand and one question “do I have the knowledge required for this problem? do not question yourself. On the contrary look at yourself in a mirror and say “I’m stronger than failure”, “I’m stronger than its problems”, “I’m stronger than this equation.

We are gods on this earth and what to know is that everything that exists is motivation.

Motivate a better world, motivate

A grandiose work the universe was created in the Genesis

This is why man is the master of the existence of what does not exist.

Work on your motivation on solutions and not on regrets. The time you lose when you feel sorry for this time, you can find solutions to existing problems and problems that do not exist.
I always told my friends again when we were at the Protestant university in Congo. when we were stumbled into a problem or a math exercise there was some discouragement to continue the exercise and find the solution is at this moment that the magic phrase always returned “You can solve it” that this exercise was not superior to our will to our potential from where we motivated the one, the other so that everyone can make out his biggest motivation.

So each of us has potential in him will just have that strength in him that little voice that is motivational when you always motivate you to make a positive impact in your surroundings and you release positive energy. for it to have motivation it is necessary that the failure is presented (barrier, blockade, wall, etc …) and of this failure, you will release a wake up in you like this nuclear bomb which is this force slept in you. Every morning of your life before leaving your bed said you always “I can do better than yesterday” and this little sentence will give you impulses, an automatism in you be better than today and will create a state of permanent positivity in the whole problem of your existence. When you stop, you stifle a potential Grandoise that lodges in you and pushes you into a state of the permanent negativity of all your existence.

So trust yourself you always say “I’m the first, I want to stay first” and never let go. Because of always letting go.

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